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Tim Ryan
Tim Ryan, Hawaii nei.

My best buddy, Steve Casar, who i’ve know for 60 years, and I are doing a three-week surf trip from Ocean Beach in San Francisco to the Tijuana Sloughs at the Mexico border. I am 68 (69 in October, gulp) and Steve is 63 (64 in August.) Before it’s too late we want to have one major surf “safari” again without da wives. We will revisit and as waves permit surf all our favorite spots and recall our memories, how things have changed, perception of locals, really a huge trip of nostalgia.

Steve Casar
Steve Casar (Above and below)


Steve somewhere in California


For reasons you will read in the enclosed “FourWord” piece after getting a serious injury on the North Shore about seven years ago I just stopped surfing. Bad decision.

I sacrificed it for good red wine and of I regret that decision.

We not only will be surfing our favorite spots but visiting friends along the way including old friend Greg Ambrose who has some health challenges. Greg is living with his wife in San Mateo .

My wife and I sold our house in September so most of my vintage photos from that era are so packed away in storage that I can’t even find them.  Steve is a hoarder so I know he has some.

Tim Ryan in Hawaii 1969
Tim Ryan, Rincon, 1969

We’re doing a daily or every two day 1,000-word blog chronicling our mishaps/adventures/successes and failures.

Sponsors Patagonia, Heated Wetsuits and Escape Campervans have all stepped up to help us. Patagonia provided state-of-the-art weskit gear similarly Heated Wetsuits is providing us super-thin, heated wetsuit vests to wear under the Pat. full suit; Escape Campervans is giving us a break on three  weeks rental.

For background I have know Steve nearly his whole life. Dennis, his brother, and I used to make him watch our boards when he started surfing. Well, we paid him a quarter sometimes, and always snaked him on waves, but that was a long time ago.


Digital image

I am a journalist and photographer. Steve (above) is a carpenter and boat repair artist, mucho in demand.


Tim in Hawaii Circa 1980

Tim, Hawaii 1984